Weight Loss Magic!‏

Updated: Oct 21, 2021

One of my most successful & popular spells has been one to promote weight loss.

In addition, I recently, I created a Crystal Power Pouch to support clients in their struggle to shed surplus weight.

For one client I placed a beautiful piece of Blue Apatite crystal in a pouch with a Crystal Point to accentuate it’s power.

Blue Apatite is known to strengthen motivation whilst suppressing hunger & boosting metabolism.

I was also fortunate to find a bracelet made of Apatite crystals for my client to wear.

The crystals were cleansed in iron-rich water from the sacred Red Spring at Chalice Well & placed in a velvet pouch containing a selection of magical powders to promote Self-Empowerment, Purification & Wish Fulfilment.

A simple combination of Apatite, Clear Quartz Point & magical powders to support my client on her journey to wellness through the shedding of excess weight 💪

DM to order your powerful Weight Loss spell & Power Pouch! 💙🦋🔷

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