The January Full Moon

The January Full Moon 🐺

Also known as the Wolf Moon as Wolves are known to howl with hunger at this time.

The January 2022 Full Moon rises this year in the sensitive water sign of Cancer (The Crab) which is ruled by the Moon and strongly influences emotions, meaning our emotions will be accentuated at this time.

The Full Moon in Cancer acts as a muse to artists, poets and other creatives. So it is a good time to embark on a creative project and pursue those resolutions vigorously.

It encourages men to get in touch

with the feminine aspect of their persona!

This powerful Cancerian lunar influence makes this an auspicious time to focus on strengthening home and family ties.

Out of all the phases of the lunar cycle, the Full Moon, taking place in the middle of the lunar cycle, is the energetic high point of the Moon's monthly journey through the Zodiac.

These lunations are known to have a profound effect on the way we feel

and act.

Each Full Moon takes place when the Moon forms an opposition aspect to the Sun, they almost always occur in the sign opposite on the Zodiac wheel to whatever sign

the Sun is currently in. Thus, the Full Moon in Cancer will be in opposition to Capricorn (The Goat) a practical Earth sign ruled by the planet Saturn. The tension between these two opposing planets is what shakes things up and amplifies our

feelings during this time!!

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